Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Home Owners Association community?

A: A Homeowners Association community is a community governed by a set of documents regulating the exterior actions of the homeowners.

Q: Where do I find these documents?

A: You should have received these documents by the time you get to settlement.  If this is a purchase from the builder they should be presented as part of the disclosure rules.  I you are buying from a homeowner the management company should provide.  If you did not you may view them on this web site along with any updates or changes.

Q: Who is the community manager and how do we make contact? 

A: The Community Manager is Ron White and the Assistant Community Manager is Alisha Ciliberto.  You may contact them by phone or email:

Phone no: 215-942-6621

E-mail:  Ron@CamcoMgmt.com

E-mail: ACiliberto@CamcoMgmt.com

Q: Why do I pay a monthly membership fee?

A: The monthly fee covers the cost of services to the community.  Some of these are lawn cutting, lawn treatment, trash and recyclable pick up and snow removal.  Note!  The Homeowners Association is not now nor will it ever be responsible for street plowing.  That is the builder's responsibility and after dedication it will be the Township's responsibility.

Q: If I have my own lawn services company or shovel my own side walk do I still pay the same monthly fee?

A: Yes. The fees are based on the annual budget and the State requires that this be divided equally among all homeowner lots.

Q: I do not have a trash or recycle bin, how do I order one?

A: You should contact the community manager so we have a record of your order.  There should be no charge for these.

Q: If I have a problem with a service provider, who do I contact?

A: You may contact the service provider direct, however, it would benefit the entire community if you would contact the community manager so the problem is recorded and that the Board can also address the service provider with the performance problems as we do this annually.

Q: How do I pay my monthly fee?

A: You may pay via mail with a check or money order,  through your bank or you may pay through direct debit by the management company.  If you wish to pay through direct debit please contact the community manager.